Water Management; To Eradicate Poverty and Improve Agriculture Out Put

Organization Name:  Human Development Organization

Project Name: Water Management; To Eradicate Poverty and Improve Agriculture Output

Approx. Value of the Contract:      PKR.  300,000,0



Location within Country (District): Bannu

Name of Donor/Funding Agency:

Embassy of Czech Republic in Islamabad

Duration of the Project (Months): 07

Start Date (month/year): 03/2018

Completion Date (month/year): 09/2019

No. of Project Staff: 5 (along with 5 member volunteer committee)

Name of Senior Employ of Your Organization Involved in Project Implementation:

 Shah Ahmad Khan (CEO/PM)

Project Objectives, Outcomes and list of major activities

Project Objectives:

i. To increase agriculture production by 100% which will in turn improve the living standard of the people

ii. To decrease to minimum the wastage of water and will save the time and energy of the farmers

iii. To eliminate child and women labor as pakka (concrete) irrigation channel will require less number of labor

iv. To reduce disputes by 100 % among the farmers as Pakka Irrigation channel will minimize water theft by 100%

Project Outcomes:

  1. 650 meter long irrigation channel was constructed
  2. It ensured availability of water for irrigating 100 acre extra land
  3. Conflict over water theft was ended due to the stable water supply source. The conflicts between farmers will be minimized in the future because the water theft and land erosion during the flood were mitigated.
  4. The already cultivable land production is going to increase by 100%. It will save time and energy of the farmer.
  5. The channel construction will also eliminate child and women labor due to less time-consuming and effort needed irrigation.


List of major activities (along with targets): following activities organized to achieve the above objective;

  1. Short listing of contractor for civil work according to HDO SOPs
  2. Earth excavation of 650 meter long irrigation channel
  3. 1;4;8 and than 1:3:6 upto 6 inches
  4. Irrigation channel wall of both side that 1300 meter long constructed

An active reference of representative of donor/client/funding agency who can be contacted to confirm the information in this project sheet


Michal Bobek, Jaroslava Bobkova 



Community Development Officer (focal person for project)


Embassy of Czech Republic of Islamabad

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