Promoting Youth Engagement In Democratic process In Dera Ismail Khan by FATA FSP Project

Organization Name:  Human Development Organization

Project Name: Promoting Youth Engagement In

Democratic process In Dera Ismail Khan

Approx. Value of the Contract:      PKR.  13,50,000



Location within Country (District): Dera Ismaeel Khan

Name of Donor/Funding Agency:

Government Special Development Program, FATA Secretariat

Duration of the Project (Months): 03

Start Date (month/year): 04/2016

Completion Date (month/year): 06/2016

No. of Project Staff: 6

Name of Senior Employ of Your Organization Involved in Project Implementation:

 Amjid Jahangir (Project Coordinator)

Name of the Consortium Members (if the project was implemented by a consortium): N/A

Project Objectives,Outcomes and list of major activities (Not more than 500 words)

Project Objectives:

  1.  To enhance youth engagement in political process for flourishing democracy.
  2. To sensitize and motivate young blood for their active civic participation.


Project Outcomes:

  • Total 125 young male and female youth students obtained knowledge on democratic governance, human rights, existing governance structure of State of Pakistan, advocacy & youth, leadership skills and conflict resolution
  • Trainings and seminar increased participation of youth members which gave them an opportunity to advance in civil and political rights including freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly, right to service and access to information.
  • In the closing remarks by Tehsil Nazim (Mr. Umar Amin) in seminar, he offered youth students to come forward with innovative project like social media page, the government will support you by providing free space; Monthly stipend will be given to youth students to run the project and other required things.


List of major activities (along with targets): following activities organized to achieve the above objective;

  1. Hiring of Project Staff
  2. Development and Printing of IEC Material
  3. Training Modules Development and Printing
  4. Beneficiary Selection Processes
  5. Social mobilization in educational institution and focus group discussion in villages
  6. Training of Beneficiaries
  7. Students Rehearsal for Seminar
  8. One Day Seminar


An active reference of representative of donor/client/funding agency who can be contacted to confirm the information in this project sheet


Zahid Ullah


Agency Development Officer


Government Special Development Program , FATA Secretariat Project

Email Address(please provide official email address)

Contact Number (please provide active landline and cell number)

 0344-5423761 and 0336-7599073


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