Lining of 1813 meter Irrigation Channel/Water Courses (to increase agriculture output) bu NRSP-SGAFP

Organization Name:  Human Development Organization

Project Name:  Lining of 1813 meter Irrigation Channel/water courses (to increase agriculture output)

Approx. Value of the Contract:      PKR.  60,22,425



Location within Country (District): Bannu

Name of Donor/Funding Agency:

NRSP-SGAFP (Ambassador Fund Program)

Duration of the Project (Months): 6

Start Date (month/year): 05/2013

Completion Date (month/year): 10/2013

No. of Project Staff: 7

Name of Senior Employ of Your Organization Involved in Project Implementation:

 Shah Zeb Khan Project Manager

Name of the Consortium Members (if the project was implemented by a consortium): N/A


Project Objectives,Outcomes and list of major activities (Not more than 500 words)

Project Objectives:

  • To increase irrigation efficiency for existing cultivable land as well as bringing more land under cultivation through lining of 1,813 meters water channel.
  • To improve agricultural productivity as a major source of income and food security


Project Outcomes:

  • 4 different section of irrigation channel re-aligned of concrete.
  • Due to unlined water channels, 40% - 55 % water get wasted in the mid and 70% at the tail was recovered and waste brought 0%.
  • After proper lining of irrigation channel 250 acres additional land was brought under irrigation.
  • Water theft and disputes among the community decreased by 100%.
  • By irrigating 500 acres of land, agriculture production and income of farmers increased by 100% which improved their living standards and enabled them to send their children to school and meet other family needs.


List of major activities (along with targets): following activities organized to achieve the above objective;

i.    Hiring of Project Staff

ii.    Formation of project implementation committee

iii.   Formation of procurement and Formation of monitoring committee

iv.   Supplier/Contractor selection

v.    lunching ceremony

vi.    Rehabilitation of 1813 meter unpaved irrigation channel

vii.   Closing Ceremony

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Sher Zareen Chitrali


Operation Officer Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


NRSP-SGAFP (Ambassador Fund Program)

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