Legal Status of Human Development Organization

Not-profit Organization, registered under SOCIETIES REGISTRATION Act of 1860 and also with FATA Directorate of Social Welfare and Registration and Control Ordinance 1961. Grant of “Allowed To Work Status” by Government of Pakistan States & Frontier Regions Division 9 December, 2013.

Achievements / Projects Implemented / On going

  • Citizen Vice Project of USAID has given a voter campaign project for free, fair and peaceful election and to increase turn out ratio in District Bannu.
  • HDO application for Small Grant & Ambassador Fund Program to NRSP-USAID has been approved and completed.
  • Formation of Male and Female Organizations in District Bannu and village level in FR Bannu for social change.
  • Stake holders Training: which aim to point out the importance of development sector to influential people to participate in social sector activities for the development of deprived communities.
  • Mobilization and organization of the community of Village Jonai Baka khel for the demand of clean drinking water under the shelter of HDO. FATA Secretariat Program (FSP) executed the demand.
  • Training of Teachers on enhancement of enrollment and preventing of dropouts in FR Bannu.
  • Counseling services to students for FDP-LD scholarship program and US Exposure program
  • HDO not only mobilized community for plantation of trees but also provided 5000 sapling from forest department and Barani Area Development Program.
  • Furthermore, USAID has selected 25 potential organizations from FATA and KPK and HDO is one of them.
  • Organizing free medical jointly with NCHD and health deptt: in Distt. Bannu after devastating flood in FR Bannu and Distt: Bannu.