Legal Status of Human Development Organization

Not-profit Organization, registered under SOCIETIES REGISTRATION Act of 1860 and also with FATA Directorate of Social Welfare and Registration and Control Ordinance 1961. Grant of “Allowed To Work Status” by Government of Pakistan States & Frontier Regions Division 9 December, 2013.


  • To increase and improve basic quality education in the society
  • To promote micro-enterprises for raising income level of poor of the poorest
  • To facilitate linkages for increasing effective coverage of development process
  • To build institutional capacity at local level, focusing women for sustainable development
  • To create awareness among different segments of the society regarding their rights, responsibilities and to enhance the economic status of women and disable persons within the family
  • To advocate the cause of women, aged person and children development for influencing the structural change
  • To facilitate and assist the formation and strengthening of Community groups and Networks at the grass root level to manage sustainable development
  • To provide emergency relief services to the affected communities in times of Natural Calamities like Earth Quacks, Floods etc. as well as launch rehabilitation programmes.
  • To strengthen the capacity of HDO as an institution for the sustainable Socio-economic developmental interventions in the field of poverty alleviation and women empowerment.