Legal Status of Human Development Organization

Not-profit Organization, registered under SOCIETIES REGISTRATION Act of 1860 and also with FATA Directorate of Social Welfare and Registration and Control Ordinance 1961. Grant of “Allowed To Work Status” by Government of Pakistan States & Frontier Regions Division 9 December, 2013.


HDO has single line organizational structure which based on democratic system and participatory procedures for decision making and running day-to-day business of the organization. The Board of Directors (BOD) is the strategic apex of the organization, which guides the organization in making strategic decisions for developmental interventions.

The Board of Directors governs the organization and provides technical guidance and vision to the organization. All developmental programs in HDO are directed and supervised by the Chief Executive who is responsible for the efficient and effective functioning of the organization as per the rules and regulations of the constitution. The Chief Executive assisted by senior management staff and support staff for smooth and active implementation of programmatic activities of the organization.

As an organization, HDO ensures participation of all stakeholders and staff members in discussions and decision making at programme and community level. Community and partners organizations are invited to participate in institutional decisions during program reviews and strategic planning for pre and post interventions. HDO also makes all efforts to ensure gender equality both at staff and community level.

Good governance within the organization is ensured through numerous policy tools and guidelines, approved by the board of Directors which include but is not limited to, Human Resource Management Standards, Financial Management Standards, Field Operation Manuals, Procurement Manuals and several other monitoring tools.

All HDO policies and guidelines are strictly designed with disregard to cast, creed, race, language, gender, disability and religion and adherence to international humanitarian and social development standards.