Legal Status of Human Development Organization

Not-profit Organization, registered under SOCIETIES REGISTRATION Act of 1860 and also with FATA Directorate of Social Welfare and Registration and Control Ordinance 1961. Grant of “Allowed To Work Status” by Government of Pakistan States & Frontier Regions Division 9 December, 2013.


At present, KPK and FATA regions are at the crossroads of drastic socio-political and economic changes owing to several grave disasters. The victory of Taliban Movement in Afghanistan and its subsequent establishment of regime have direct repercussions on the tribal belt as well as KP and whole Pakistan. Then the fall of Taliban regime in Afghanistan and the flow of militants to Pakistan further worsen the situation. Emergencies and crises in the aftermath of the earnest war on terror at the turn of the century, the 2005 earthquake, several intermittent floods including the massive flooding of 2010, 2011and droughts as well as the more recent huge internal displacements caused by militant insurgency in KPK and FATA and above all the ever amplified poverty and declining social indicators confronts our civil society, humanitarians and social organizations with ever greater challenges and increasing needs for dedicated workers and organization to come forward with higher missions and self motivated humane objectives to serve the poor masses including disable persons.

These needs are to be catered for with instant upshots of development and relief support initiatives and therefore has instigated, motivated and encouraged HDO to respond to the grievances of marginalized and deprived community by providing Relief and Rehabilitation to the affected communities and to carry out Early Recovery alongside a consistent and Long term Sustainable Development Program as its main objectives by working in partnership with Donor Organization. It also aims to address the problems of marginalized communities by involving them into productive activities and programs to reduce poverty and enhance economic growth.