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Environmental Assessment and Disaster Risk Management

HDO adopted the process by which environmental considerations are required to be fully integrated into the preparation of Plans and Programs and prior to their final adoption with the objectives to provide for a high level of protection of the environment and to promote sustainable development by contributing to the integration of environmental considerations into the preparation and adoption of specified Plans and Programs. HDO working under the strategy enhanced for environment assessment which leads to protect the environment aspects along with projections or programs implemented.  HDO focuses on systematic decision support process, aiming to ensure that environmental and possibly other sustainability aspects are considered effectively in policy, plan and program making.

In the light of earthquake of 8 October 2005 highlighted the vulnerability of Pakistan to disaster risks, HDO has emphasizes to include consideration of Disaster Risk Management context in planning, execution and finalization. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) refers to the conceptual framework of elements considered with the possibilities to minimize vulnerabilities and disaster risks throughout a society, to avoid (prevention) or to limit (mitigation and preparedness) the adverse impacts of hazards, within the broad context of sustainable development. Disaster Risk Management (DRM) includes but goes beyond DRR by adding a management perspective that combines prevention, mitigation and preparedness with response. The term Disaster Risk Management (DRM) is used when referring to legal, institutional and policy frameworks and administrative mechanisms and procedures related to the management of both risk and disasters therefore including also the emergency management elements. The term Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) is used to refer to those programs and practices which are specifically targeted at avoiding (prevention) or limiting.

On behalf of vast expertise HDO prides itself to remained the good ideological partner with different organization in past. HDO has a team of experts related to environment and disaster risk areas with well verse past achievements and experiences of planning, execution and mitigation aspects of environment and climate change.  Environmental and mitigation measurement plans (EMMP), Corporate Social Responsibility Plan (CSRP), Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) and Environmental & Social impact Assessment of different donors organizations have been achieved by these experts. A huge pool of human resources of the said area is available with HDO where the experts are engaged and involved for leading role and services in disaster risk management and environmental assessment.

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