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Capacity Building

HDO has been involved in different type capacity building via trainings, seminars, workshops and debits being as a client for different donor organizations. Capacity development means to improve the skill of someone in required field or to implement the required mechanism/way forward in the field which ensures the quick and accurate results. So capacity building means to equip and take someone on that way by which a specific result may be achieved through getting knowledge and skills. HDO successfully conducted different special trainings of the community in education, health, nutrition and disaster management on own assistance.

  • Methodology:   

To resilient this poor communities from different problems HDO intends and planed to the following way forward for the capacity building program.

  • Need assessment for all thematic area

A base line survey will be conducted to identify the need of people for different fields. The special team of experts will be hired and specific program will be installed to maintain the accurate data base results.

  • Need base request and information for others

The data will be shared with supporting communities and help request will be made through HDO.  Also different stakeholders and communities will be engaged voluntarily to ensure the accurate provision of assistance to these needy people.

  • Work planning

A special frame work will be initiated which shows the goals, outcomes, outputs and implantation mechanisms for all sort of fields

  • Sustainability

HDO will strive to ensure all projections for its sustainability and participatory approaches for the future concerns.