Women NICs and Voter Registration Campaign

Organization Name:  Human Development Organization

Project Name: Women NICs and Voter Registration Campaign

Approx. Value of the Contract:      PKR.  56,93,055



Location within Country (District): Bannu

Name of Donor/Funding Agency:


Duration of the Project (Months): 13

Start Date (month/year): 11/2018

Completion Date (month/year): 12/2019

No. of Project Staff: 5 (along with 14 paid volunteer)

Name of Senior Employ of Your Organization Involved in Project Implementation:

 Muhammad Tajwar Khan (Project Manager)

Project Objectives,Outcomes and list of major activities

Project Objectives:

i. To reduce the male-female voter deficit by reaching out to areas where women do not tend to register their NICs,

ii. Enhancing citizens’ confidence in political and electoral processes by enhanced acceptance of and commitment to women’s voting rights

Project Outcomes:

  1. 20000 un-registered women identified and listed for registration with NADRA
  2. 7000 women get registered with NADRA and ECP as well


List of major activities (along with targets): following activities organized to achieve the above objective;

  1. 20000 Number of unregistered women identified and listed against target 13098
  2. 7000 Number of unregistered women facilitated/registered against target 13098
  3. 211 Community Meetings organized against target 80
  4. Social mobilization in 193 villages organized Corner Meetings against
  5. 158 Engagement with local influential (community leaders and elders) against target 106
  6. 61 Engagement with Religious leaders against target 12
  7. 39 Meeting with political parties office bearer against target 30
  8. 930 Door to door visits/meeting with women against target 700
  9. 100 Session with Students and teachers target was 100
  10. 5 Public Forums target 5
  11. 63 Coordination and engagement with NADRA target 11
  12. 50 Coordination and engagement with ECP Officials target 6
  13. 48 Coordination and engagement with Local Government Officials target 30

An active reference of representative of donor/client/funding agency who can be contacted to confirm the information in this project sheet


Suhail Anwar


Program Officer (focal person for project)


Trust for Democratic, Education, Accountability (TDEA)

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