Advocacy for Local Government System and training of 250 number Male and Female Contesting Candidate by TDEA-USAID

Organization Name:  Human Development Organization

Project Name:  Advocacy for Local Government System and training of 250 number Male and Female contesting candidate

Approx. Value of the Contract:      PKR.  16,63,158



Location within Country (District): Bannu

Name of Donor/Funding Agency:

Trust for Democratic, Education & Accountability (TDEA) CVP (Citizen Voice Project)

Duration of the Project (Months): 5

Start Date (month/year): 03/2015

Completion Date (month/year): 07/2016

No. of Project Staff: 5 (along with 40 paid volunteer)

Name of Senior Employ of Your Organization Involved in Project Implementation:

 Javed Ahmad (Project Manager)

Name of the Consortium Members (if the project was implemented by a consortium): N/A


Project Objectives, Outcomes and list of major activities (Not more than 500 words)

Project Objectives:

  • To facilitate potential candidates, particularly from marginalized communities, in running for office in the local government elections
  • To mobilize citizens, particularly women, to vote in the local government elections – please provide details on the progress against each objective


Project Outcomes:

250 newly contesting candidates Trained candidates on election management, Campaigned against Barr on women voting, Conducted Key Stake holder meeting in each Identified Polling areas and Community Meeting in each Identified Polling Areas, Met Political Party Office Bearer &made Agreements Against Barr on Women voting, arranged Political Party Roundtable meetings and Media Briefings on Women Voting Related Issue, Mobilized Voter Campaign; developed Radio Messages, established Voter Information Kiosks, gave Sample of Councilor and implemented TNA Survey, disseminated IEC Material, Trained Project Staff, Selected& Trained 40 Youth Volunteers cohort


List of major activities (along with targets): following activities organized to achieve the above objective;

i.    Training of Project Staff

ii.    Recruitment & Training of Youth Volunteers

iii.   Candidaes Listing and Grouping

iv.   Training of candidates

v.    Campaign against Barr on women voting in all villages of District Bannu

vi.    Key Stackholder meeting in each Identified Polling areas

vii.   Press Release

viii.  Communiy Meeting in each Identified Polling Areas

ix.    Political Party Office Bearer Meeting & Agreement Against Barr on Women voting

x.     Political Party Roundtable

xi.    Media Briefing on Women Voting Related Issue

xii.   Voter Mobilization Campaign; Radio Messages

xiii.  Voter Information Kiosks

xiv.   Sample of Councillor and filling TNA Survey

xv.    Printing of IEC Material


An active reference of representative of donor/client/funding agency who can be contacted to confirm the information in this project sheet


Aziz Zameer


Grant Manager


Trust for Democratic, Education, Accountability (TDEA) Citizen Voice Project (CVP)

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